Our Team

We help MakE valuable Human Connections on the web

We are committed to helping small to medium businesses grow their revenue. Why? Because these businesses are the backbone of a healthy economy. We believe the internet levels the playing field with larger corporations by allowing the same reach and connection larger corporations enjoy. Our goal is to connect the right customer with the right product or service to make customers' lives better while supporting a healthy profit for the companies we serve.

We are committed to leveraging business for the common good. We can do this together.

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Randy Garmon
CEO / Founder

Randy is an Emmy Award-winning sound designer in broadcast television who transitioned to web design and web development. He loves to learn! And Randy loves applying creativity to make human connections in life and in business using online tools for good.

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Kyle LeBlanc
Graphic Designer

Kyle has over 17 years of experience as a graphic designer and Creative Director at top agencies. He oversaw 18 nationwide brands, spanning digital and home solutions. Kyle won five national awards in packaging, video, motion graphics, and product design.